Audio Visual Check Up
If you set up your system yourself and are not really sure if it is done right. This is the solution for you. A/V Check Up ensures audio & video system is properly connected.
Included: System evaluation, cable check, and modification if necessary, retuning of system, picture adjustment and instruction.
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Available in London & Cambridge
THX Certified Video Calibration
Have you ever noticed that when you are shopping for a new display in the store that on the huge wall of displays each one looks a little different.
When displays are shipped they are set to appear punchy and bright.   While that picture appears to be popping it lacks the resolution and detail of a properly calibrated set.   Manufactures are in the business of selling TVs, not selling an accurate displays.
Once properly calibrated your display will have improved detail being more lifelike.  It will be more what the director intended.  After all that is what you want to see.  The picture as it was intended.
Platinum Theatre Installation
Platinum Theatre Installation was designed by Unlimited Home Theatre exclusively for Leon's Furniture.  The program is designed to offer a full range of services integrated with your purchase at Leon's.  Plus Leon's is the inventor of the Buy Now Pay Later program.  
You can finance your installation with the rest of your purchase. 

Hold Hold Hold the payments.
Service currently available in London, Sarnia, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.
Consultation & Design
Homes are all different. What works well for some might not work well for others. Our in home consultation can help you get the best system for your room. We can assist with display selection, audio equipment even speaker style and placement. Your system should be a unique as you are. We do not sell electronic equipment therefore; you will get the facts not what is on special. UHT will even take you shopping.
Custom Audio
Custom audio is a large part of new and existing homes.  Having an integrated audio system allows you to have sound in selected rooms in your home, even outdoors. 
It can be divided into two basic types, analog and digital.
Analog will generally provide a source and amplification to speakers.  Controls in each room will determine the volume.  This system is cost efficient but usually provides the same music throughout the home.
Digital will give a great deal of options.  Multiple sources in each room.  Either amplified at the keypad or for more power a central zone amplifier. 
We provide solutions for both options.  Let us design the one right for you.

Get the most out of your new build or renovation. Have a Home Theatre Specialist run the proper cables to your display location. Wire in all of your speakers for surround sound or wire your entire home for sound and picture.  Unfortunately, just having a cable outlet located at your display is not enough. High Def and Home Theatre use different cabling than standard RG6.

Having the proper cabling installed during construction costs much less than having wiring fished afterwards. When used in conjuction with our Consultation you know exactly what cables are required to be run. From simple to complex we have the wires and cabling to make your system the best it can be.

Basic Audio Visual Set Up
Every system should be professionally installed to help you to get the most from it. Putting your TV on a stand and plugging it in and tuning to channel 3 is a thing of the past. Proper cables can make a world of difference. A Basic A/V Installation will ensure that even a modest system is set up correctly.  LCD Installation, Plasma Installation, TV Installation or Rear Projection Installation
Included: Connection of your display on stand, components and up to 6 speakers within one room with exposed wiring. Wires are neatly tied, orientation of features and instruction.
Detailed Audio Visual Set Up
With hidden wiring and a really neat look a Detailed A/V Installation will make you the envy of the neighbourhood.  LCD Installation, Plasma Installation, TV Installation, or Rear Projection Installation
Included: Connection of your display on a stand, components and up to 6 speakers within one room with hidden wiring (where possible). Wires are neatly tied, orientation of system features and instruction. Includes up to 150ft of In Wall 16ga wire.
Wall Mounted Panel Installation
On the wall, in the corner or over the fireplace, hanging your TV on the wall will free up much needed floor space.  Plasma Installation or LCD Installation
Included: Mounting flat panel display (bracket provided by customer or can be ordered through Unlimited Home Theatre). Basic wiring concealed through hollow wall (when possible) includes wall covers for a finished look, connection to components, connection of floor speakers or speakers on floor stands. Includes Basic A/V Installation
Detailed Wall Mount Installation
For the look of a great custom job, nothing beats the look of a detailed installation. Speakers floating on the wall always look impressive next to your display.  LCD Installation or Plasma Installation
Included: Mounting flat panel display (bracket provided by customer or can be ordered though Unlimited Home Theatre). Wiring run through hollow wall (where possible), mounting of 5 speakers on wall with concealed wiring (where possible). Connection to components, wires neatly tied, orientation of features and instruction.
Ceiling Projector Installation

A great permanent solution for your projector is to invert it on your ceiling (ceiling mount provided by customer or can be ordered through Unlimited Home Theatre).

Included: mounting screen and projector, Basic A/V set up. Concealed wiring is also available.

Moving Service Package
If you are moving leave your home theatre to us. We will professionally take down, package your equipment and install it at your new location. This ensures you that your system is treated with the best care and set up properly.
Senior Residence Set Up
Moving your loved ones into a senior residence can be stressful; we take the stress out of it. Installation of TV with VCR and DVD included with this service with extra time allotted for Instruction. It is one less thing for you to worry about.
Remote Control Customization
Unlimited Home Theatre is an authorized Harmony Remote Dealer.
All of our remotes include customization for your system and you. Harmony remotes provide easy to use navigation and true “One Touch” operation. Take advantage to bundle your Harmony with one of our other services and save.
Already own a remote we can program that for you too.
Includes programming of non-learning remote or computer-programmed remote.
Delivery Service
Not only is Unlimited Home Theatre a great installation provider, we also provide professional delivery. Take advantage of having your set delivered to your home and installed at the same time. Your equipment has never had such a first class ride as it will with us.  Available for LCD Installation, Plasma Intallation, TV Installation or Rear Projection TV.  Also availabe for Audio Installation.
Future Service Plan
Did you know if your wall mounted display requires service a service technician will not take it down or put it back up when the service is complete. The same can be said for your audio system. Our future service plan can assist you with unforeseen service incidents, device replacements and new equipment.
Included: Call For Details.
Available in 1 and 5 year terms.
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